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How to Turn Strategy into Successful Projects

by Antonio S. Franco

This article tells the reader what it takes to facilitate an executive team to convert the abstract ideas of a supply chain and general business strategy into actionable projects that transform the business.  

The method described in this article is known as Emergent Strategic ActionTM.  The strategic action emergence approach unites the wisdom of the trenches with the vision from the top which results in minimal resistance to change. 

The leadership skills and techniques presented require a little bit of “science” and a lot of “art.”  This method recognizes the need to have principles on which to base practical action.  But it also recognizes that reality does not always fit neatly into the principles.  

The article shows how to use simple tools to make the "art” of dealing with reality work together with the "science" of the principles.  To this add a simple tool for planning and tracking change management to overcome resistance to change and the result is a means to align strategy to actionable projects with minimal resistance to change.

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