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We can help you establish effective strategic statements (Vision, Mission, etc.).  Or we can help you bring together business strategy with IT strategy so that they don't inadvertently work against each other.  We can give you a second opinion.  If you have proposals and want to know what the implications are on your strategy or if anything is missing we can review the proposal and give you an independent opinion.  We will not give you a competitive counter proposal when you request a second opinion so that we can maintain our independent objectivity.  We can provide coaching to your company on retainer.  

Key Benefits

Establish sound strategic direction for your organization that will achieve your goals
Align IT, quality, and business process projects with Business Strategy
Practical and simple facilitation moves you rapidly to your goal
Peace of mind having a personal advisor giving you objective second opinion


We have many years facilitating the development of strategic statements.  We know and have used the traditional "mechanistic" strategy development tools, but we also know how to apply principles of "Emergence" to deal with the trickier aspects of business that you feel in your gut, but didn't know how to deal with systematically before.  We have developed the Emergent Strategic Action method for combining the best of mechanistic strategy formation with emergence techniques.


Forming strategic statements such as a mission statement, a vision statement, strategic objectives, or strategic touchstones requires facilitators with several areas of expertise.  First the facilitator must be able to understand the business as a whole.  Knowledge of how each segment of the organization has a different set of issues, language, and values and how changes in one area of the business affects the other is needed.  This type of knowledge and experience is certified by the APICS CIRM certification.  Secondly, the facilitator must be familiar with the various theories of business strategy formation so that it is not simply a matter of applying what was taught even in the best regarded schools.  For instance, Michael Porter's concepts are fundamental to understanding business strategy.  But it is a mechanistic approach and leaves out tools and means to deal with organic and emergent strategy.  A good facilitator has knowledge and experience with all these theories and knows how to apply the right tools when facilitating your firm.  Thirdly, the facilitator should have subject matter expertise in one or more areas of operations in order to bring the strategy down to earth.  We have these skills and experience at ASF Associates.


To request our help call us at 315-458-5053 or e-mail us by clicking here.

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