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Eliminate Waste
Increase Efficiency
Increase Effectiveness
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Capabilities -- We can help you:

map your processes analyze your processes implement the changes 


Map your processes  

Analyze your processes  

Implement Changes 

The quality of process mapping is found in the usefulness of the map in optimizing the process.  A good process map makes it easy for management and employees to understand a process and easily figure out how to make best changes.

You need a consultant with subject matter expertise, strong facilitation skills, and good tools to help you create the most value for your business and your customers.  We have been mapping business processes of all types since 1989 and are highly qualified to help you with your business process work. 

Tools and Techniques: We have experience with a variety of mapping tools and techniques. Some of them lend themselves more to facilitating the computer programming of improvements. Other maps are geared more towards making it easier for people to see current problems and intuit enhancements.

We can help you in a project that requires a "standard" format for mapping such as ULM. But we can also help you with our own simple, easy-to-use mapping tools. 

Skills Transfer: We don't just map your processes.  We transfer the skills and tools of process management to your company.  It is not enough to treat business process changes as a one-time thing.  You need to manage the changes on an on-going fashion so that you can be flexible and to ensure that the benefits promised keep on being delivered. The skills transfer makes that possible.

We are familiar with the range of methodologies and tools for analyzing processes.  We use the appropriate systems engineering and organizational development tools so that time is not wasted and best practice solutions can be designed.  Again, we transfer the knowledge of those tools to your people so that the benefits can be sustained over time.  
If you need project or program management help we can lead the initiatives for changes to your processes.  The advantage that we bring is that we understand the business and operations implications of business processes, but we also understand the impact different types of technology enabling solutions have.  We have many years of experience implementing all sizes of efforts from global programs to small departmental projects.

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